Specialised Services

Drone Inspections & Surveys

  • Live Flare Inspections
  • Tank Inspections
  • Hull Inspections
  • Crane Boom Inspections
  • Derrick Inspections


Crane Fitment Services (Stabiliser Bars)

During construction of high rise structures the need for heavy lift cranes is imperative for keeping the schedule and costs associated with the build. These cranes although self-rising requires stabiliser or anchoring bars depending on lift capability and working height. These cranes need to be connected to a structure that may have already been constructed but has no way of accessing the fitment area due to offset.


Safety & Work Net Systems

  • Dropped Object Mitigation
  • Temporary Work Platform Installation Allowing 3rdParty Access
  • Faster installation and dismantling time reduces costs: Tension netting cuts installation and dismantling time by about 75%
  • Lower transport & storage costs: Tension netting is approximately 5 – 10% of the weight and volume of scaffolding
  • Reductions in SIMOPS conflict due to less deck area consumption
  • Fully compliant with all relevant regulations
  • Safer installation & dismantling
  • Lower load weight
  • Reduces the labour intensity required for rigging
  • Allows more personnel to work in a given area
  • Does not interfere with the ventilation or visibility inside Confined Spaces
  • Allows for quick and easy relocation to other compartments within confined spaces or under-deck
  • Minimizes the risk of sensitive equipment damage below the work site during the erection of Scaffold
  • Reduces the need to de-commission /unpack lay down areas to create deck space for scaffold erection

NDT (Non-destructive Testing)

Not only do we offer structural survey and conditions reports, but we also offer non-destructive testing services. This service is specific to those components with a metallurgical composition and integrity that is essential to the stability of the structure. This service is carried out without causing damage to the structure itself, or preventing the future use of the object being tested.

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